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the " check engine light" recently came on so I checked and found code P12A2. How urgent is getting the fuel rail pressure sensor replaced? On the fuel rail is the fuel pressure regulator. got my self an engine code reader, the codes where 18020, 17559, 16786, 17566. i under stand from reading your site that code 18020 is an ECU problam? and there is a code you can put in to reset this? how do you do this where do you put the code in and how. the check engine light has been coming on and off over the last month. SO, I replaced the MAF which I thought was the code 17550. After a couple hundred miles the check engine light came on again. 17559/ P1151/ Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1: System too Lean Possible Symptoms. Malfunction Indicator Lamp ( MIL) active. Is the engine code AKL, if so 12233 adaption channel 13 and boost the idle. With this system any extra load from the engine can cause idle stalling issues ie power steering on full lock at idle or extra load on the alternator. I simple way to test this is when you think the idle is irratic turn the heated rear window on as this will send a message.

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    The best way to quickly find the code you are looking for is to press ctrl+ F on you keyboard and type the code you have in to find it on this page. VAG Engine Management Fault Code Identification 4 Digit Code. Since the implementation of the OBD standard, each vehicle has a standard 16- pin connector, as described on our OBD presentation page. The norm states that the port must be located inside the vehicle passenger compartment. Just posting what the code means and the generic information for it is usually just about worthless. Too often the suggested repair procedure is a cut and paste of many, many other codes. What a person is looking for is the collective wisdom and experience of the forum to help guide them to the answer. had this car in a few times in the past but cannot get to the bottom of it. its an audi a2 1. runs perfect and emissions fine on 4 gas. 4 months ago came in with engine light on and had code of pfuel system too lean. so checked all over for and air leak but could see nothing. front lambda is almost static at.

    460 v when held at rpm but does move with revs. Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda or VAG engine management fault codes. VAG 3, 4, 5, and P1 Codes along with many other Manufacture Specific Codes! 17559, P1151, Long term fuel trim 1, bank 1 - below lean limit, Fuel. VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTCs) and data can be retrieved with VW/ Audi Factory Scan Tools such as the VAG 1551, VAG 1552, or the new diagnostic computer VAS 5051 through a Data Link Connector. Polo Mk3 > Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Power unit > 4LV injection and ignition system > Self diagnosis, V. G Inspection Service > Fault table: from V. G code 17510 / SAE P1 codes. OBD Codes Forum OBD Codes Help VW Volkswagen & Audi Fuse for turbocharger wastegate Also including Porsche, Suzuki, Lamborghini, Bentley, Scania, Skoda, and SEAT. 17559/ P1151/ Long Term Fuel Trim Additive Air; Bank 1; Range 1: System too Lean.

    Possible Symptoms. Mogelijke oorzaken: Slechte / vuile / oude / verkeerde benzine getankt; Luchtinlaat defect / lekt; Brandstofdruk / Brandstofdruk regeling / Brandstofpomp defect. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Either way erase the learnt values as the ecu will have adapted as much as it can before throwing up that fault code, to erase them go into engine ' 01' erase the faults then go into adaption ' 10' channel ' 00' and reset to ' 00' the ecu will default back to normal settings rather than having to readapt itself back to normal over a period of time. When found in the NAR 1. 8T check TSBoror Pass- Thru equivalent TSB Note: The Passat 26E5 or " R5" recall includes the same software update Make sure the quick release lines for the N80 valve and vacuum line to LDP are not crossed. The most common caues of misfires on this vehicle is the coils, if egr valve was failing every cylinder would have a misfire code not just 3 and 4. Swap coils around to see if misfires move cylinders if so this verifies coil is the problem. Found this website that had VAG- COM codes listed. P0197 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit Low Input 16581. VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTCs) and data can be retrieved with VW/ Audi Factory Scan Tools such as. O2 Control ( Bank 2) Out of range. Also, the heads of the old a similar issue on my 98 B3000.

    Remove the two security star- head 4. 0 engine seems to be more susceptible to the problem than other Ford engines. I have a VW Beetle 1. 8T, the engine light was on, so I took it to a parts store and received the following engine - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic. The first vehicle was a VW Beetle 2. 5 ( BPS engine code). The 16555 is the VW equivalent of an OBD- II P0171 and the 17559 translates. The first code is a numerical code assigned by the factory. The second code is referred to as a P- code and follows a structure required by law and defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers ( SAE). Mam problem z wyżej wymienionym autem otóż po przygazowaniu powyżej 3000 obr zapala się kontrolka epc i kontrola trakcji po. by Richard Dredge. There are plenty of Passats around but you' ll still pay relatively heavily to buy one.

    A fleet favourite since its introduction in 1997, there are lots of engines to choose from as well as saloon or estate body styles. These codes do not tell you what has exactly malfunctioned with your vehicle,. of malfunction engine codes that your Volkswagen could potentially display. 17559 P1151 Bank1, Long Term Fuel Trim, Range 1 Leanness Lower Limit. OBD Code C0497, Hex Code 4497, Decimal Codetimes read) ECU Engine Control Module ( ECM) ( 1 times read) OBD Code C0192, Hex Code 4192, Decimal Codetimes read). Code P2279 is a code indicating that the ECM is detecting that the engine has too much air entering and sees this as a vacuum leak. An engine running with too much air will run lean and cause the engine to run rough and stall at low engine speeds. Hi I have vw sharan 2. 8 v6 4motion engine code ayl, I had the lambda sencor changed about a month ago after mil then the evap valve now im getting the above codes the car idles at abou 1k and some times goes up when i put load on the engine as in turn the heated windscreen on on they drop back a bit but can any 1 help me to try and diagnose wots going on and how to check if its the maf, idle. Note: Many of the following codes do not exist on and earlier models.

    New codes are highlighted. See the DTC page for P0. ( generic) codes and Glossary for terms and acronyms. Tech notes If the P0171 is combined with the P0174 code, it' s very likely that the problem is caused by an intake leak. If there are no intake leaks, the next step is to replace the air filter and clean the air flow meter. Listing of VW Volkswagen specific OBD- II Trouble Codes and recent VW check engine light forum discussions. The code reads: Incorrect Flow, Secondary Air Injection. I have been looking at some forums and people say that it could be a vacuum line, a maf sensor ( whatever that is), or a bad purge valve. The car seems to be running smoothly. VAG Specific Trouble Codes. P0010 - A- Camshaft Pos. Bank 1 Malfunction 16394 P0020 - A- Camshaft Pos. Bank 2 Malfunction 16395. VW Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTCs) and data can be retrieved with VW/ Audi Factory Scan Tools such as the VAG 1551, VAG 1552, or the new diagnostic computer VAS 5051 through a Data Link Connector ( DLC).

    Is the SKC code the 7 digit number that was on my key tag when I bought the car? Nope, 7- digit SKC' s were never supplied on key tags, those always had 4- digit SKC' s. Remember, the 7- digit SKC is only an encrypted 4- digit SKC. Getting a lot of error codes. Took my MAF off and found this. This is on my VW Passat 2. I have been searching the web for days to try to find help on this same trouble code and stumbled upon this forum thread. What are the easiest and/ or cheapest things to look at first? I have a new beetle 1. 8L Turbo with 57, 000 miles on it. When & Where Needed: * * * * Raise & support the vehicle safely according to Manufacturer Jacking & Supporting Positions! 17000 P0616 Starter Relay, Circuit Low 17001 P0617 Starter Relay, Circuit High 17002 P0618 Alternative Fuel Control Module, KAM Error. Hi everyone, I' ve been trying to sort out some issues with my VW Polo 1.